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Alberto Pau, (BSc, MSc Mathematics & Finance, London, UK) is a published author and leading risk management...[more]
Alberto Pau, Co-Founder
How To Exit A Trend Before It Finishes
Trend following systems are all about buying the dips in an uptrend and selling the rallies in a downtrend.
Now, how to exit the position when the trend recovers from a dip or rally? [READ MORE]
How Brokers Screw You – A Shocking Screenshot
Sometimes everything looks perfect until you switch from a demo account to a live account.
See the screenshot of the same chart on two live accounts with different brokers... [READ MORE]
A Short Introduction To Forex Trading
Money Management
This tool will help you better plan your trades, limit the risk and...  [READ MORE]
How To Trade Using Psychological Levels
Have you guessed what are the "psychological levels"? They are just...   [READ MORE]
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